Cashmore Designs

Stationery, event planning, custom decor, and other gifts for your lifestyle's needs

A one-stop-shop for all your event needs --- whether you're the host or you're the guest.

Cashmore Designs is a family owned and operated business, spanning multiple generations. Our team has a florist, an event planner, a graphic artist, carpenter/woodworker, and multiple "creatives" who work together to design, create, and even paint your dream into reality. We even have an accountant in the family (but no one wants to know about them).

What we DON'T have are salesmen! We can offer what we know and what we have, but we will not "hound" you to rush a decision.

Services page outlines our labor-based services (such as planning, calligraphy, and such) and also has examples of items we could design and create for your use or your gifting needs.

Our Products page has photographic examples of items we can sell to you, after customization.

If you are interested in our products or services, please send us an email!